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Shannon's Jason Cook, Jensen Ackles and Devon Sawa, Footprints, About Shannon Index, Poems, Days of our lives, Misc Directory and Lyrics Directory pages have all been up-dated and are available to see on the site. About Shannon Index is where you can find information about me. Sept. 11 - I've been working hard on moving and up-dating my pages, even though I keep haven't IE problems with it closing up on me or my Internet connection disconnecting. Later on once everything is done and this page is up-dated I'll list all of the links that are in the About Shannon Index & Misc. Directory.


Look for a new index page, coming soon. There maybe errors on these pages, please be patient with me.



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I'm sorry if there are mistakes in the wording of a song, I got the songs from either a lyrics page or from an official site.

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