Lenny Trivia

Do you know of a Lenny Trivia question that is not on here? Well, send in the question and the correct answer to me (Shannon) @ shannonl@rocketmail.com

It costs nothing to play and you get 25 NP per correct answer that you get correct. But if you answered a question and it comes up again you don't get any neopoints for it even if you got it correct or wrong the last time.

Question Answer
A Magical Cookie is the cure for what disease? Sneezles
Airax, Magtile and Ownow are all types of what? Tyrannian PetPets
At the Neopian National Bank, how many NPs do you need to open a Silver Saver account? 5000
At the Gallery of Evil, what is the character on the main page eating? Pikachu
How do you calculate the area of a paralellogram? Base x height
How do you reduce the swelling if your NeoPet is suffering from bloaty feet? put on Magical Smelly Socks
How do you turn your NeoPet into a Robot Kacheek? Zap it with the lab ray
How many buttons are on the Alien Aisha Vending Machine? 3 big, 6 small
How many different Neocoins are there? 6
How many different types of Neggs are there? 8
How many different types of Uber-faeries are there? 6
How many faeries do you win if you get three faeries in a row on Scorchy Slots? one
How many items are you allowed to carry at any one time? 50
How many levels of difficulty are there in hide and seek? 2
How many Neo Points do you get when you create a pet? 50
How many neopoints do you get if you send in a good idea and we use it? 100
How many Neopoints do you get when you create an account? 500
How many neopoints does it cost to open a theme park? 100
How many NPs do you get when you open a bank account? 500
Same as the above question, there are two different answers to that question 30
How many numbers are there on each Chia Bingo Card? 9
How many numbers do you enter for the Neopian Lottery? 6
How many pieces of treasure maps are there? 9
How many points do you get if you submit something to the gallery and it is published? 1000
How many totems do you need in order to get to Mystery Island? 3
How many types of Nerkmids are there? 6
How much do you win at guess the card? 5NP
How much does it cost to buy a lottery ticket? 10NP *Now it's 100NP
How much does it cost to play Dice-A-Roo? 5
How much does it cost to put a pet up for adoption? 80
How much does it cost to start your own shop? 250 NP
How often are the games of Chia Bingo? every 10 mins
I have a large body, spikes along my spine, and a cheeky grin. What am I? Skeith
I have a plaster over my right eye.... what am I? Kiko
I have stripes, I purr, and I come from the jungle. What type of pet am I? Kougra
I have two long ears and I like to bounce around Neopia. What am I? Blumaroo
I have two short ears and two long ears. What am I? Aisha
I have wings, a tail and I love hot places, who am I? Scorchio
I run the neopian clothes shop. What am I? Uni
I was once a slave for Dr. Sloth, but the Neopians saved my race. What am I? Grundo
I wear a bell around my neck. What am I? An Aisha
If someone asks for your password what should you do? Report them to NeoPets
If you get 3 apples in a row on Scorchy Slots what do you win? 40NP
If your NeoPet has NeoPox, what do you need to cure it? Neopox Pizza
If your NeoPet is suffering from watery eyes, what should you give it? Onion Balm
In Princess Fernypoos castle, what happened to anybody who beat her? They were thrown in the moat
The Sargasso Sea can be found in which ocean? Atlantic
The slot machine is run by one type of neopet, what is it? Scorchio
What colour is an Acko (Its a petpet)? Orange
What colour is a Floud? Pink
What colour is Capara the Kyriis eye make up? Blue
What colour is the Grarrl in Grarrl Keno? Red
What creature does the Monocerous clain to have eaten 16 of in a week? JubJub
What do you have to do in Techo Says? Copy what he says
What do you need to use the Alien Aisha Vending Machine? a Nerkmid
What do you need to win a faerie in Scorchy Slots? 3 Faeries in a row on Win Line
What do you receive when you get 3 peaches in a row in Scorchy Slots? 60NP
What does a Bombaberry bag contain? unlimited healing potions
What does a Royal Flush get you in Neopoker? 10,000NP
What does the breadmaster say? Eata lofa breada day
What does the Pant Devil do? Steal an Item
What does the Spider Queen do? attack creatures in her lair
What does the Tyrannian food shop keeper say? Uggh-Ugga-Ugg!
What elusive number do you search for during JubJub Blackjack? 21
What happens to a Chia if it eats a Pear Chia Pop? It turns into a Pear
What happens to your NeoPet when it plays with a magical plushie? It changes speacies
What happens to a non-magical Chia Plushie if a Lupe plays with it? It rips it apart
What is a Magaral? A Faerie Pet Pet
What is so special about a Bloodshroom? It eats small animals
What is the Battle Faerie's stallion called? Legacy
What is the cure for Bubbles? Hot Herbal Drink
What is the cure for hiccupping bubbles? Medicinal Soap
What is the cure for lumps? Medicinal Mud Bath
What is the cure for Sneezles? Magic Cookie
What is the evil fish? Jetsam
What is the FIRST name of the bounty hunter who was suspected of selling faeries on the black market? Balthazar
What is the lowest amount of neopoints that you can have before you cant take money from the Money Tree? 200
What is the main colour of Kalora the Kaus spotted outfit? pink
What is the maximun number of pets you can have at one time? 4
What is the missing word: We won the big --------- award. horse
What is the name of the Cheat playing Eyrie? Branston
What is the name of the Chia that is having problems in the Chia Bomber game? Geoffrey
What is the name of the NeoPets Newspaper? The Neopian Times
What medicine cures an achy head? Magic Goop
What natural disaster happened in the Ice Caves and opened up a route to Tyrannia? Earthquake
What NeoPet is the dealer in Blackjack? JubJub
What NeoPet was found in Tyrannia? Chomby
What Neopian monarch runs Dice-A-Roo? King Roo
What poem is quoted on the Gallery of Evil page? Jabberwocky
What should you never feed a Floud? Carrots
What species has four ears? Aisha
What species is the doctor at the Neopet Hospital? Gelert
What type of Faerie competes in the Annual Gormball Championships? Fire Faerie
What type of NeoPet is Chuffer Bob? Meerca
What type of Neopet is the bread master in The Bakery? Kacheek
What type of NeoPet is the doctor at the Neopian hospital? Gelert
What type of NeoPet is the runs the Furniture shop in the Neopia Bazaar? Eyrie
What type of NeoPet is Thyassa? Chia
What type of PetPet is a Magaral? faerie
Whats the maximum number of neopoints you can bet on Blackjack? 150
When will neopets ask for your password? Never
Where can you find the Wishing Well? Neopian Baazar
Where did Ursulla Usul train for the Gormball championships? Top of Mount Usalin
Where does the Koi come from? Maraqua
Where is the Neggery? In the Ice Caves
Where is the Poogle Race Track? Faerieland
Where is the scratch card kiosk? Ice Caves
Where is the Trading Post? On the Island
Where is the Wheel of Excitement? Faerieland
Which character runs Dice-a-Roo? Blumaroo
Which character runs the Neopian Magic Shop? Kauvara
Which Chia is stuck in the Ice cream factory in one of our games? Adee
Which country is not a member of the European union? Switzerland
Which faerie DOES exist in Neopia? Space
Which faerie helped defeat Dr. Sloth? Space
Which faerie pops up around the site, giving people points? Tooth
Which football team is not in the 1999/2000 English Premier League? Manchester City
Which Lupe is stuck in the Ice Caves? Garon
Which NeoPet, out of these four, lives nearest to water? Kiko
Which NeoPet was first found on Mystery Island? Kougra
Which NeoPet will eat ANYTHING, even PetPets? Skeith
Which of the following is NOT a game on Neopets? Scorchy Soccer
Which of the following isn't a Neopet? Tigra
Who has been rumored to have stolen all the Neopian faeries? Balthazar
Who is known for their mean temper and sharp teeth? Jetsam
Who is the cool, suave and sophisticated Cheat player? Agent 00 Hog
Who is on the cover of Stay Fit? Lenny
Who is the Bread Master in the bakery? Kacheek
Who is the founder of VirtuPets? Dr. Sloth
Who is the god of Mystery Island? pango pango
Who is the self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat? Spectre
Who recently started looking after the abandoned NeoPets in the pound? Dr_Death
Whose theorem do you use to find the length of any side of a right angled triangle? Pythagoras
Whose Uncle Tiberius lives in the Cloud World? Scorchio

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