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Welcome to Shannon's Neopet Page. I hope that you enjoy your stay and that you'll come back often. Also, I hope that my pages were helpfull to you.

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- NeoPet Species
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Misc. Neopet Stuff

- Collectable Cards Rarity

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- Daily Crossword Answers
- Space Faerie
- NeoKnights
- Cooking Pot Recipes


This page isn't fully finished yet, I still have much more work to do on it. I've been working for over a month to get these tips and hints for you as well as the answers for many of the games.

For now I'll have sites on the left hand side that I've come across that have tips and answers for the pages that I don't have done yet.

I'll also be adding more links like the Pink Poogle banner (on the left hand side) later.

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Up-coming Neopet events for: August -- Aug 8th - Blumaroo Day, Aug 18th - Meerca Day!, Aug 20th - Annual Usuki Doll Convention, Aug 24th - Grundo Independence Day, Aug 29th - Kyrii Day September -- Sept 13th - Techo-tastic Day, Sept 15th - The Annual Chocolate Ball, Sept 19th - Poogle Parade, Sept 20th - Faerie Festival, Sept 23rd - Annual Gormball Championships, Sept 25th - Skeith Day

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