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Could I Have This Kiss Forever By: Enrique Iglesias - (Featuring Whitney Houston)
What's My Age Again By: Blink 182
The Real Slim Shady By: Eminem
One Of Us By: Joan Osborne
Rhythm Divine By: Enrique Iglesias
Crash and Burn By: Savage Garden
Your Face By: Mandy Moore
I Knew I Loved You By: Savage Garden
I Don't Know You Anymore By: Savage Garden
One Voice By: Billy Gilman
Lucky By: Britany Spears
Angel By: Shaggy
Wasn't Me By: Shaggy
The Freshman By: Verve Pipe
It's my Life By:Bon Jovi
I Hope You Dance By: Lee Ann Womack
Hero By: Enrique Iglesias
Thank You By: Dido
I Try By: Macy Gray
Californication By: Red Hot Chili Peppers
I Believe By: Blessid Union of Soul
Where Ever You Go By: The Calling
Drops of Jupiter By: Train
Without Me By: Eminem
Complicated By: Avril Lavigne
Just Like A Pill By: Pink
If You're Gone By: Matchbox 20
Skater Boy By: Avril Lavigne
Heaven By: DJ Sammy & Yanou Feat
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